Season 2, Episode 38: The Judge Calms Your Nerves On This Scary 6 Game Slate

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to help you navigate through this treacherous 6 game slate. I know you looked at the over/under for each game and wanted to scream in fear, but there is no need – the Judge provides the secrets at each position to assuage said fears. The Judge begins by discussing the glorious new sponsor DRAFT (download and challenge him), and then gives a brief recap of a high scoring Monday night. And of course, a shout out is given to the Chambers’ winners. Then the true fun begins, as the Judge hammers home the players to consider at each position. Since we have no Westbrook, Harden, AD, Cousins playing Tuesday – all of us will have to be a little creative to achieve our destiny of GPP Glory on this tricky 6 game slate.