Real Salary Rankings and Projections 2016-17

Real Salary Rankings (Click Here for the Google Doc)

There are TWO tabs in this google doc. The first tab gives rankings for a 12 team league, the second tab is for a 30 team league.

What are Real Salary Rankings?

Real Salary Leagues (described here on Grantland, and here on Basketball Monster) use actual NBA salaries. Each fantasy team is required to fit the salary of all of their fantasy players underneath their salary cap (set at the same amount as the real NBA salary cap).

As a result, these ranking take into account fantasy production AND player salary. For example, Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Davis project to have similar fantasy production this season, but in this format Towns is ranked much higher because he is on his rookie contract ($6.0M) vs Davis ($22.1M) who is on a maximum contract. Enjoy!