ROS 9 Category Rankings

@MarcFRoberts 2016-17 ROS Rankings for 9 Category Leagues

What are 9-Category Rotisserie Rankings for Fantasy Basketball?
If you are playing in a rotisserie league that counts the standard nine categories listed below, these rankings should serve as a great guide for your league’s draft.

  1. Field Goal Percentage (FG%)
  2. Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
  3. Points
  4. Three-Pointers Made
  5. Rebounds
  6. Assists
  7. Steals
  8. Blocks
  9. Turnovers

If you’re playing in a nine-category head-to-head league, these 9-cat rankings will work well, but we suggest using our recommended punting strategy and the rankings built from our suggested punt of the percentages. ¬†You can see our recommended head-to-head rankings.